Our Approach

I believe Wall Street is focused on products and scale underserving the needs of investors. At McMillan Capital, we differentiate ourselves from the rest providing customized solutions along with high touch personal relationships. After all our clients aren't just investors they’re people.

Aligned Interest

Our success depends upon our client's success. We examine issues from the same side of the table as you. That common purpose builds a strong relationship of trust and partnership.

Knowledgeable Team

We have a highly educated and trained group of professionals with decades of investing experience. We are problem solvers and solution discoverers integrating our expertise with resources in investment finance, taxation, and law.

Objective Solutions

Our investment solutions are limitless and unencumbered relative to large brokers and banks. We identify markets and investments across the globe that meet our criteria of capital structure, investment purpose, and value for our client portfolios.

Entrepreneurial Driven

We are 100% employee owned sharing our vision of growth and prosperity to our team and our clients.

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